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Galilean Flip Up Loupes

Galilean Flip-up Loupes feature powerful magnification, efficient design and are fully adjustable. Available in 2.5x (micro), 3.0x and 3.5x (micro). Prescription service is... Read More

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Our Flip-up loupes provide great optical quality with the benefits of an adjustable interpupillary distance and angle of declination. Our high-definition optics will allow you to experience the best resolution, depth of field, and field of view.Included with your loupes order:

Plastic carrying case, 1 LumaDent mount, a neck strap, an extra nose pad and 3 pairs of Side Shields (Side Shields not included with Argon and Argon Petite frames).

More Information

More Information


Weight Width Length Rx Ready
Argon 2 29.7g 133.5mm 158mm No
ClariTi 2 25.7g 132mm 140mm Yes
Classic 32g 136mm 152mm Yes
Infiniti 2 28.2g 138mm 143.5mm Yes
SporTi 24g 142mm 158mm No
SporTi Petite 23g 132mm 153mm No
Stellar 33g 135mm 158mm Yes