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Identifying Your Loupes

If your car needs a new part, at the very least you will need to know the make and model of your car before you can get any parts for it.

Loupes are essentially the same in this way. There are dozens of Loupes makers out there and each one is a little bit different. This means we can't just send you any mount to work on your equipment - we need to know who made your Loupes and which model you have.

1. Identify Brand

Identify Brand

If you're not sure and it's not on the frame itself, you should be able to find the brand (manufacturer) of your Loupes by consulting any included materials with your Loupes order, such as a storage case, instruction manual or receipt.

2. Loupes Type

Loupes Type

Unless you're using Orascoptic© Revolution™ Loupes, your Loupes are either TTL (thru-the-lens) or Flip-up Loupes.

3. Identify Model

Identify Model

There are 2 common locations to find the model of your Loupes.

1. On a receipt, order form, instruction manual or invoice from your Loupes order.

2. On the inside of the temple arm of your Loupes.

*** NOTE - Your model will not be a string of random letters and/or numbers. It will be an obvious model name like "Argon" or "Stellar".