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Best of both worlds

Traditional style with a wide field of view

Fully adjustable

Freely adjust the IPD, height and declination angle


Prism Flip-up Loupes


ErgoPrism’s patent-pending design will enable you to work with a “neutral posture”, meaning your joints are not bent or twisted. This ideal posture will use the least amount of energy required to maintain your position. Having a neutral posture is more important than you might realize - it affects your breathing and circulation of body fluids, not to mention the pain you will experience over time using traditional Loupes caused by bending your neck and back.

This is achieved by effectively eliminating the concept of declination angle. The Loupes do the bending and straining for you! You no longer need to worry about the declination angle of your Loupes - with ErgoPrism, that concept is obsolete.

No matter how good your vision is, greater clarity and precision can be achieved using magnification in your dental work. Whether you're a first year dental student or a 30 year practicing physician, our loupes will get you through your work day more efficiently and comfortably.

Utilizing a pair of dental loupes - no matter what your specialty - can both increase the quality of care and help prevent personal health issues. If you have some precision work to do in a hard to reach spot, you're going to be bending, leaning and straining through the whole procedure without the proper tools. Do this hundreds of times over the years and your body will be feeling the pain. In fact, the prevalence of neck pain among dentists is around 70% and musculoskeletal disorder causes almost 30% of dentists to retire early.

Magnification is the key to enabling good ergonomics while you work. With proper magnification (and illumination), you can sit in a comfortable position at the proper working distance. Using magnification enhances your vision of the oral cavity to allow you to see incredible detail and work with higher precision. It will also enable you to more efficiently make correct diagnoses and develop treatment plans.

Tired of your bulky Loupes weighing you down?

A key part of maintaining good ergonomics is keeping the weight of your equipment down. This is why our Loupes are designed from the ground up to be light weight and compact without sacrificing any performance.

Every possible combination of LumaDent Loupes weighs less than 3 ounces.

LumaDent Loupes feature compact and sleek design. The anodized aluminum housing of ErgoPrism Loupes means the telescopes are strong and light weight and they have a clean, modern appearance.

LumaDent has proudly been based in Reno, Nevada since it's inception in 2009.


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45 day risk-free trial period on all Loupes

Limited lifetime warranty on telescopes and adhesive

2 year limited warranty on frames

1 year limited warranty on Mounts and Linkage Arms

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