CDA Anaheim 2024 Recap

June 20, 2024
Tyler Yee

Overview of CDA Anaheim 2024

The California Dental Association’s (CDA) annual event in Anaheim is always a big deal in the dental world, and CDA Anaheim 2024 definitely lived up to the hype. We at LumaDent were super excited to be part of this awesome event, where we got to show off our newest dental loupes and headlights. We’re taking a look back at all the cool things that happened at CDA Anaheim 2024, showing our appreciation to everyone who attended, and why we can’t wait for next year’s event!

Highlights from the Event

LumaDent Sales Rep Lori Burrow helping a customer
LumaDent CEO Don Ton showcasing new ErgoPrism Loupes to Customers
Customer testing out new ErgoPrism loupes

CDA Anaheim 2024 delivered high-quality educational sessions and an extensive exhibit hall filled with cutting-edge dental products. Some of the key highlights included:

  • Exclusive Interviews: LumaDent got an interview with Dr. Glenn Vo, the founder of the Nifty Thrifty Dentists. Dr. Vo shared his perspectives on the latest trends in dental technology and practice management, providing attendees with valuable insights and tips for optimizing their dental practices.
  • Exclusive Tradeshow Discount: Take advantage of our exclusive discounts, which are available only at tradeshows. We offer the best prices on our top-quality loupes and headlights.
  • Appearance of CEO: Meet our CEO, Dr. Don Ton, at select tradeshows. Engage with him directly, ask questions, and gain insights from the visionary behind LumaDent.
  • Custom Fittings: Get a custom fitting for your loupes and headlights at our tradeshows. Our sales representatives from all over the country ensure a perfect fit, enhancing your comfort and performance for your loupes.
  • Loupes Giveaway with Katrina Klein: One of our influencers, Katrina Klein, also known as Ergofitlife_Katrina, hosted a giveaway for a pair of brand-new ErgoPrism loupes. It was a huge success and it was a pleasure to gift our loupes to @the_traveling_rdh.

Dr. Glenn Vo Live Podcast with Dr. Don Ton CEO

Dr. Glenn Vo is a well-known figure in the dental community and went out of his way to get an exclusive interview with our founder Dr. Don Ton. Dr. Vo is a practicing dentist and the founder of Nifty Thrifty Dentists, a community dedicated to providing money-saving tips, strategies, and resources to dental professionals. His insights and contributions have made a significant impact on many dental professionals.


At CDA Anaheim 2024, Dr. Glenn Vo sat down with our founder, Dr. Don Ton, to chat about all things LumaDent. Dr. Vo shared his admiration for Dr. Ton, calling him a mentor and innovator in the dental world. They talked about how LumaDent started back in 2009, with Dr. Ton highlighting our commitment to staying hands-on and constantly innovating. Even though we’re a big name now, we still operate like a small business, making sure our products meet the real needs of the average dental professional.

Dr. Ton also highlighted LumaDent’s latest product innovations. He introduced the Ergo Max loupes, offering high magnification and a wide field of view, and the 360 Pro light, which doubles the brightness of the previous model without needing a new battery. Dr. Vo praised Dr. Ton’s ethical approach to business, focusing on solving real problems instead of just making profits. The podcast wrapped up with a special offer for the Nifty Thrifty Dentists community, showing the ongoing support for dental pros at every stage of their careers. CDA Anaheim 2024 was a blast and really showcased our dedication to improving dental practice with cutting-edge tech and ergonomic designs.

Glenn Vo Book Signing


Stone Suess and Richard Fordham from LumaDent’s Marketing team outside CDA Anaheim 2024
LumaDent sales rep Lori Burrow troubleshooting a customer's loupes
LumaDent Sales rep Edward Vo working to get the perfect fit on a customer

Why You Should Go to Tradeshows

Attending a tradeshow is a fantastic opportunity! You can take advantage of special tradeshow discounts that are only available at the event. It's also the perfect time to get a personal fitting for your equipment, making sure everything fits just right. You'll also get to meet our friendly team in person and ask any questions you might have. Plus, there are exciting giveaways you won't want to miss, and at some events, you'll even have the chance to meet our CEO in person. Don't miss out on all the fun and benefits!

Mark your calendars for CDA Anaheim 2025! We're gearing up for an exciting journey with a lineup of innovative new products on the horizon. Plan to visit the LumaDent booth for exclusive deals, hands-on product demonstrations, fittings, and expert consultations. Follow us on social media for the latest updates and prepare to elevate your dental practice with LumaDent’s innovative solutions. See you next year in Anaheim!

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LumaDent sales manager Jose Gallardo and sales representative Edward Vo helping a customer

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