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January 23, 2022
LumaDent Marketing Team

Dentistry is physically demanding work; in fact, the prevalence of neck pain among dentists is around 70% and musculoskeletal disorder causes almost 30% of dentists to retire early. There are many benefits to using Loupes while practicing dentistry. We have already explored these benefits in our Magnification and Ergonomics blogs, so in this blog we will be looking at the basics of how Loupes work in general, including:

  • How Loupes work
  • Definitions of common Loupes terms
  • Recommendations for new Loupes users
  • Ordering Loupes from LumaDent

How do Loupes work?

Loupes are basically telescopes combined with a pair of glasses. The magnifying telescopes (or oculars) are either placed through the lens (TTL) in the frame or in front of the lenses mounted on the front of the frame (Flip-up). To learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of both types of Loupes, check out our related TTL vs Flip-up Blog.

LumaDent Loupes are custom-made for each user's unique face. By precisely positioning the oculars in the frame, you can work in a more comfortable and effective posture while practicing. Placing the oculars in the frame is more complicated than it sounds, however. There are many factors to account for which all need to be working in unison in order for you to have a smooth experience with your Loupes.


Ocular (telescope)

The ocular (or telescope)

is the magnifying lens that is placed either through your frame or mounted on the front of it.


Type of Loupes which feature the oculars placed through the lens of the frame.


Type of loupe that features the oculars on a crossbar mounted on the front of the frame.

Declination Angle

The vertical angle at which the oculars are placed in your frame. Each user's DA will be slightly different - we custom-make our Loupes to ensure an ergonomically optimal DA on every pair of loupes.

Convergence Angle

Clinical Working Distance

The distance between the working surface and your eyes while using ergonomically correct posture.

Inter-pupillary Distance

The distance between your pupils (measured in millimeters).

Field of View (FOV)

The diameter of the visible area when looking through Loupes.

Depth of Field (DOF)

The distance between the nearest and furthest objects which are in focus when looking through loupes.

Optical Grade

Refers to the quality of glass used in the oculars.

Importance of detail

Imagine looking through a pair of binoculars that feature telescopes pointing in 2 different directions. Not only will you not see what you're trying to look at, but you'll probably feel discomfort and won't be able to use them. This is basically what is happening if we don't get accurate information before we build your Custom Loupes.

It is very important that all of these angles and measurements are accurate to ensure a smooth experience with your Loupes. If your Clinical Working Distance is set too near or too far, you'll have to bend forwards or backwards to see clearly. If we don't account for your vision correction then you also won't be able to see clearly at the intended Working distance. There are many things that need to line up properly in order to effectively use loupes, so getting details like Clinical Working Distance and your IPD photo 100% correct is very important.

Recommendations for new Loupes users

Using Loupes for the first time can be... a little weird. It takes your brain some time to adjust to seeing everything magnified.

LumaDent Magnification Options

  • 2.5x Micro - Lower magnification and light weight make these the best choice for new Loupes users, especially students.
  • 3.0x - Intermediate magnification, great for hygienists or students with limited Loupes experience.
  • 3.5x Micro - Great for Dentists looking for lighter weight with higher magnification. However, it does have a narrower FOV than our lower magnification or Prism options.
  • 3.5x Prism - higher magnification with wide FOV. Recommended for experienced loupes users.

Ordering Loupes from LumaDent

LumaDent is the #1 online manufacturer and seller of Dental Loupes. Using our online store, you can quickly and easily order Custom Loupes any time day or night from the comfort of your home or the office. You can also reach out to one of our Sales Reps if you're looking for a more personal experience.

If you're ordering online, all you need to do is take an IPD photo and know your Clinical Working Distance (guide here). Submit these with your order and we'll get to work on your Custom loupes. It's that easy!

LumaDent also attends many events throughout the year, which can be found on our Events page. Stopping by our booth is a great way to check out all of our award-winning products and get a hands-on demo.

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