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About Us

The Brighter Choice since 2009

Based in Reno, NV, USA.

Complete magnification and illumination solutions

We manufacture and sell custom-made Loupes and LED Headlight Packages for dental professionals at all levels. We offer a comprehensive online store featuring our entire catalog and in-depth, accessible Customer Support via website, email or phone.

Engineered with


Our products are generally backwards compatible with easily replaceable parts. We are proud of our catalog design and the ease and low-cost of owning our products compared to our competitors.

We work with

Passionate & Talented people

Inspired by his own struggles to adequately maintain his own primitive headlight system from one of our competitors, the owner founded LumaDent in 2009 in the back of his office.

Dr. Doung Ton, DDS

Founder and CEO

Samuel DeSouza

General Manager

Jose Gallardo

Sales Manager

Samuel Shick

Operations Manager

As we continue to expand, we will remain dedicated to our vision. We will constantly innovate our products to exceed expectations and we will optimize every interaction with our customers to provide the highest standard of customer service in the industry.