The 100% wireless dental headlight.
Incredibly lightweight and easy to use.
Upgrade your wired headlight today!

Meet the lightest dental headlight in the world.

The airLUX Wireless Headlight Package weighs just 22g (17g battery + 5g headlamp).

Award-winning illumination

21,000 LUX aimed precisely where you need it to provide shadow-free
illumination of the oral cavity. It's just at your command with
a simple tap.

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Compatible and Upgradeable

An airLUX battery can make your wired system 100% wireless in one easy step - all without needing to change your headlight.

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21,000 LUX
At your command with a quick touch
100% wireless
Brightness: 21,000 LUX
Usage time: 3+ hours use per charge
22g (17g battery + 5g headlamp)
Charge Time: 3 hours
Simple Touch On/Off
Universally compatible with all loupes
microUSB Charging Cable
Low Battery Indicator
42mm x 23mm x 23mm
Light weight
5 grams
Includes the award-winning HL360 LED Headlight which features an innovative, modular and future-proof design
Universally Compatible

With one of our 100+ unique mounts, airLUX is 100% guaranteed compatible with any Loupes, glasses or face shields.

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Best LED Headlight

Winner of the DentalTown© Townie Choice© Award for Best Headlight.

5 years in a row (2018-2022).

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