airLUX Factory Reset

Step by step instructions
  • Charge your airLUX battery for 15 minutes to ensure it has a charge and then plug the headlight into the airLUX battery.

    (If your headlight is always ON and cannot be turned OFF then skip to Step 3)
  • Pass the airLUX battery in very close proximity with the ProLUX/V3 Charger (or other high-output power supply) to turn the light ON. *** Be sure the charger/high-output power supply is powered on.

    Video of this step is available here: airLUX High-Output Power Supply Video.
  • Leave the light on OVERNIGHT so the battery is drained completely. This will reset the touch sensor in the battery.
  • Charge the airLUX battery (15 minutes minimum) and then verify it is working properly.