ErgoPrism TTL loupes

ErgoPrism TTL loupes

Custom Loupes for Dentist, Hygienist and Surgeon!

LumaDent has offered custom-made loupes for dentists, hygienists, and surgeons since 2009. Because we know that as a dental or medical professional, you cannot diagnose and provide care without proper loupes, we provide both advanced magnifications, so you're able to see up close what you're working with.

We are an award-winning dental loupe manufacturer, offering 2.5x to 6.0x magnification for medical professionals. As we understand that no two dentists' faces are identical, LumaDent dental loupes are designed to meet and exceed individual needs. Whether you are a dentist, hygienist, or surgeon, our experts will help you choose the loupes that will be most suitable for you.

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