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Prism Loupes

Adjustable focus with a wide field of view


Prism Loupes


Our Prism Loupes are the perfect marriage of the traditional and the new. They feature traditional style with modern enhancements such as a wide field of view made possible with prism technology.

Not ready to make the jump to ErgoPrism but demanding more than Galilean Loupes have to offer? Prism Loupes are for you.

Prescription service and 45 day risk free trial period are included.

No matter how good your vision is, greater clarity and precision can be achieved using magnification in your dental work. Whether you're a first year dental student or a 30 year practicing physician, our loupes will get you through your work day more efficiently and comfortably.

Magnification is the key to keeping good ergonomics while you work. With proper magnification (and illumination), you can sit in a comfortable position at the proper working distance. Using magnification enhances your vision of the oral cavity to allow you to see incredible detail and work with higher precision. It will also enable you to more efficiently make correct diagnoses and develop treatment plans.

Our new and improved Flip-up crossbar gives you full control over the interpupillary distance, declination angle and vertical position of your telescopes. This means that no matter the situation, your eyes can look directly through the center of the telescopes and keep your view of the working area clear.

This is accomplished in part by our new IPD adjustment knobs. Precise adjustments can be made by simply twisting the end of the crossbar.

Each pair of our Galilean TTL Loupes are custom made to fit your measurements.

This is accomplished without the need to set up an appointment with a Representative. Using state of the art digital measuring technology, we can obtain your measurements from a single, simple photo. This makes it easy to order your custom made Loupes any time.

All of our Loupes are custom made by our experienced team at our home office in Reno, NV.

Every Loupes order includes prescription service.

Whether you have prescription glasses, readers, cheaters or contacts - LumaDent has you covered. We can put the prescription anywhere you need it - in the telescopes, in the carrier lens or both!

We also offer optional upgrades - Blue Light Blocker, High-Index and Progressive.

45 day risk-free trial period on all Loupes
Limited lifetime warranty on telescopes and adhesive
2 year limited warranty on frames
1 year limited warranty on Mounts and Linkage Arms

More information is available on our Warranty Page

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