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January 31, 2022

What is a mount?

The "mount" is a very important product in our lineup; perhaps the most important. This small, precision product has a big responsibility - it attaches the HL360™ LED Headlight to the frame of your Loupes or glasses.

We say "your" Loupes or glasses because using the correct mount, you can attach our LED Headlight Packages to any Dental Loupes or glasses available on the market today. This is a guarantee that we stand by 100%. If we don't already have a mount in our catalog to properly fit your frame, we will make you one. Truthfully this doesn't happen often; our selection of mounts is comprehensive with over 60 unique designs and we rarely come across a frame we haven't seen before.

LumaDent Galilean loupes with mount
LumaDent Galilean loupes with mount
LumaDent Galilean loupes with mounted 360 Pro headlight

How to Identify Your Loupes

LumaDent Classic Frame
This is our Lumadent Classic Frame.

1. Identify Brand

If you're not sure and it's not on the frame itself, you should be able to find the brand (manufacturer) of your Loupes by consulting any included materials with your Loupes order, such as a storage case, instruction manual or receipt.

LumaDent Flip-Up ErgoPrism Loupes
These are Flip-up loupes.

2. Identify Loupes Type

Unless you're using Orascoptic© Revolution™ Loupes, your Loupes are either TTL (thru-the-lens) or Flip-up.

LumaDent Sporti Frame

3. Identify Model

There are 2 common locations to find the model of your Loupes.

  • On a receipt, order form, instruction manual or invoice from your Loupes order.
  • On the inside of the temple arm of your Loupes.

*** NOTE - Your model will not be a string of random letters and/or numbers. It will be an obvious model name like "Argon" or "Stellar".

Much like an automobile manufacturer, each Loupes company produces several different models. It's important to know the difference between your "manufacturer" and your "model".

For example, Surgitel® offers many different Loupes with Oakley® frames. In this case, Surgitel® is the "brand" and one of their Oakley® frames is the model. It is important to know exactly which model because they often require different mounts.

As if our mount catalog isn't comprehensive enough, we also offer a "Universal Clip" mount that can clip to glasses, safety glasses and some of the rarer headgear out there.

Between our extensive catalog of mounts and the Universal Clip, you can use our award-winning LED Packages with any frames on the market today.

Normally right here we'd say "if you still aren't sure if we have a mount for your frame, contact us for further information" with a link to do that but we aren't going to do that this time.

Our LED Headlight Packages will work on your Loupes. Period.

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