The Powerhouse Dental Headlight

Up to 60,000 LUX or up to 40 hours use 
Universally compatible

Up to 60,000 LUX in a perfect circular beam

with even, edge-to-edge, easily adjustable brightness.

Featuring a 40 hour battery life.

Up to 60,000 LUX
of circular, clean neutral light beam
Light weight
5 grams
Includes the award-winning HL360 LED Headlight, featuring an innovative, modular and future-proof design
Adjustable brightness up to 60,000 LUX
Up to 40 hours per charge
3 hours charge time
2-way intuitive control
Battery Level Indicator
Universally compatible with all loupes
120V/220V LumaDent Smart charger
LG Lithium-ion battery cell
56mm x 23mm x 80mm
Stainless steel belt clip
Weighs 162g
Anodized aluminum casing
Universally Compatible

With one of our 100+ unique mounts, proLUX is 100% guaranteed compatible with any Loupes, glasses or face shields.

Best LED headlight

Winner of the DentalTown© Townie Choice© Award for Best Headlight.

5 years in a row (2018-2022).