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Blurry vision




Loupes are configured to see clearly at a certain distance, this is called your Working Distance.

Move your head or the target until you are at the correct working distance to see clearly. 

If you cannot find a point at which your vision becomes clear, we would recommend removing and cleaning the ocular buttons.


Our loupes have an intuitive button that protects the ocular and provides convenient adjustments

Sometimes if the buttons are not securely attached, moisture or debris can get between the ocular and the button. 

Take a moment to remove the buttons, clean them with a dry micro-fiber cloth and then reinstall them.



Solution Continued


- If for any reason you cannot get the shading or darkness to go away, we would then look at the IPD make sure that the oculars are placed accurately

Please submit a "selfie type photos" of you wearing the loupes so our team can analyze the ocular placement in comparison to your eyes. 

Example below;