Wave "hello" to our latest technology.

Featuring touch-free control

Up to 50,000 LUX at your command with a simple wave

Touch free control for effortless operation and enhanced infection control
No more snags! Semi-wireless design means no long, hanging wires to get snagged on
Ready for continuous, uninterrupted
use with 2 included batteries


waveLUX is compatible with all Loupes,
glasses and shields.

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Available in 5 sleek finishes

Try waveLUX

Move your cursor over the wave sensor
to power your light on and off:

Up to 50,000 LUX
Circular beam with even edge-to-edge brightness
Touch-free or button on-off control
Up to 12 hours per charge, per battery
Universally compatible with all loupes
Brightness control knob
2.5 hours charge time
Available in 5 sleek finishes
USB-C charger port
Panasonic Lithium-ion battery cell
Anodized aluminum or carbon fiber casings
Magnet secures battery to uniform
42mm  x  56.4mm  x  23.5mm,  76.6g
Light weight:
5 grams
Include the award-winning HL360 LED Headlight which features an innovative, modular and future-proof design

Magnification + Illumination

Loupes and Headlights are two parts of the same solution.
You can save $100 today by ordering award-winning ErgoPrism Loupes with your new waveLUX Headlight together.