The Story Behind Our Loupes Patent

January 16, 2024

The Story Behind Our Loupes Patent

In an industry where precision and vision are essential, LumaDent remains dedicated to our commitment to innovation. Our vision and promise revolve around the ongoing development and refinement of our designs, guaranteeing that professionals encounter optimal comfort and efficiency in their daily work.

While traditional loupes have historically emphasized enhanced vision for precision work, particularly in fields like medicine, LumaDent has redefined this concept. We've seamlessly integrated crucial elements with a singular focus—prioritizing optimal comfort, improved posture, and reduced strain during extended usage. Our design proudly centers around the well-being and efficiency of professionals.

Patent Details
Today, we proudly showcase our existing design patent, US D954,121 S, shaping the foundation of our signature ergonomic loupe. This patented design encompasses the housing for a pair of ergonomic loupes, meticulously crafted to accommodate our prism system. At the core of our ergonomic optical loupe design lies a central, house-shaped enclosure housing our innovative prism system. The key element of this system is a specially designed 45-degree Amici prism. This prism system ensures light travels seamlessly through the optical lens, reflects through our prism, and reaches the user's eyes, enabling a clear and magnified view.

The prism plays a crucial role in our ergonomic loupe technology. As light enters through the objective lens, it initially forms an inverted image. Positioned strategically within the enclosure, our 45-degree Amici prism system adeptly redirects the light, utilizing its unique design to correct the inversion before it reaches the eyepiece. This meticulous correction process ensures that the observer perceives a final, upright image upon magnification.

The Amici prism system, with its efficient light-folding capabilities, significantly contributes to the compact and streamlined design of our loupe. This design philosophy enables our goal to provide users with a more comfortable experience, free from the burden of cumbersome optics.

The inception of this patent dates back to December 2019, with the official issuance, Patent No. US D954,121 S, on June 7, 2022, credited to our very own Dr. Ton, Founder and CEO of LumaDent. The design aims to standardize how professionals maintain a comfortable and healthy posture while achieving a precise and magnified view of their workspace.

Impact Today
Our ergonomic design has evolved to cater to various preferences. LumaDent offers multiple frame styles, colors, and magnifications, providing customers with tailored options. The ErgoPrism, Ergo Air, and Ergo Max variants are available in both TTL and Vario options, embodying our commitment to versatility.
Though our patent was granted relatively recently, LumaDent has been diligently enhancing our signature ErgoPrism Loupes. We're currently on version 3, a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement. Customer feedback is invaluable; it fuels our engineering team in LumaLab, and it inspires our unique and unparalleled design.

What’s next?
As we continue to push forward, our team is actively working on enhancing our products through process improvements and design tweaks. Exciting times are on the horizon in 2024, with plans to reveal some new changes and additions to our product lineup. Stay tuned for updates—we can't wait to share what's in store!

This does not mean, however, that our ultimate goal has changed. We will continue to create products that revolutionize and improve our customers’ experience, and we extend a heartfelt thank you to every customer who has entrusted us with their professional needs. Your thoughts and feedback are crucial as we adapt to evolving needs, solve industry challenges, and strive to provide an exceptional end-to-end experience.

Feel free to share your insights with us. Together, we shape the future of ergonomic loupes, ensuring they meet and exceed your expectations.

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