Why Choose LumaDent?

January 31, 2022
Laura Engel, RDH

First and foremost, LumaDent is a small company. We don't have shareholders to report to or a boardroom full of suits to appease or a parent company with other priorities; we are a small, tight-knit, friendly group. There are no 3rd parties or middle-men involved; we sell what we manufacture. This means we don't have some of the issues or overhead our larger competitors have and as a result we can pass these savings on to you. Don't pay $1000+ for an inferior headlight system when our award-winning Headlight Packages start at just $495 - and that doesn't include our student discounts!

LumaDent does not skimp on quality - we won the 2018 DentalTown Townie Choice Award for Best LED Headlight and have been sweeping the competition yearly since. Our products are intelligently designed for the optimal user experience. Easy to upgrade and often backward compatible, our products and their accessories are readily accessible via our online store from anywhere in the world any time you need them.

Not only are our Headlight systems backward compatible, but they're assembled in the USA and they're compatible with any Loupes or glasses available on the market today. We have over 50 unique mounts so you can use our award-winning LED Headlight Packages on any frame from any brand. If we don't have a mount for you, we'll make one.

With custom-made (in the USA!) Loupes starting at just $595 though, pairing LumaDent Loupes with our award-winning LED Headlight Packages makes for a bright choice. They're lightweight, durable, and custom-built for each user to ensure you have proper ergonomics and an optimal experience with your Loupes. Available in a variety of magnifications, frames, and colors, our Loupes present an incredible value to dental professionals at all levels.

That's right - you can have custom Loupes that are made in the USA and an award-winning LED Headlight Package for a lower price than some of the "runner-up" headlight systems from our competitors.

Don't just take our word for it - as of this posting, we're at a 4.8/5 star rating on both Facebook and Google and 4.7/5 on BirdEye.

Don't overspend - make The Brighter Choice today with LumaDent!

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