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Dayton, OH
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Erin Williams, RDH

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Hello, I am Erin Williams, LumaDents Ohio representative. I graduated with my AAS in 1999 from Lima Technical College (now Rhodes State University) and went on to get my BS degree from Ohio State University in 2007. Practiced hygiene full time from 1999 to 2021. Born and raised in Ohio but spent time in Kentucky, Indiana and Arizona. I have one adult daughter. I enjoy going off-roading in my Jeep and spending time with my animals. We have 4 dogs and 24 chickens! Happy and excited to begin my second career as a rep! LumaDent offers a diverse range of custom-designed Loupes and LED Headlight Packages tailored for dental professionals of every expertise. Allow me to assist you in easily finding the perfect match that complements your unique working style via an in-office or local consultation.